Potato Skins-
Topped with Cheddar cheese and scallions. Served with sour cream.
          Bacon-7, Chili- 7
     Cajun Tots-
Served with Chipolte ketchup, XXX Voodoo Sauce and Creole mustard- 7
Tater tots topped with Cheddar, chili, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, salsa and sour cream- 8
     Chicken Tenders-
Served with honey mustard or BBQ sauce, or Buffalo style with celery and blue cheese- 8
      Sauteed Pierogies-
Potato and cheese pierogies sauteed in butter with red onions and Cajun spice. Served with sour cream- 7
     Cajun Popcorn-
Fried crawfish tails lightly dusted with Cajun flour with Creole mustard- 10
     Crab dip-
Maryland lump crab in a creamy sauce topped with Cheddar cheese. Served with pita chips and tortillas- 10
     Chicken Wings-
XXX Voodoo BBQ, Buffalo, or BBQ. Served with blue cheese and celery- 9
Tortilla chips topped with melted Cheddar, chili, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, salsa and
sour cream- 8
        Vegetarian with black bean hummus- 8
        With Guacamole- 9
Grilled flour tortilla with onions, tomato, Cheddar cheese, salsa, and sour cream
        Chicken- 8, BBQ Chicken- 8
     Steamed Shrimp-
Half pound of steamed South American shrimp topped with Old Bay. Served with cocktail sauce- 9
     Black Bean Hummus-
Made with black beans, jalapeños, garlic, and olive oil. Served with toasted pita chips & chips- 8
——————- -Sandwiches———————
     Smokehouse Chicken-
Grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce, bacon, and Cheddar cheese. Served on a Kaiser roll- 8
     Gumbo Burrito-
Our spicy gumbo with chicken, crawfish, andouille, Cheddar and rice in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with salsa and sour cream- 8
      Andouille Po’Boy-
Grilled Andouille sausage topped with sauteed onions, peppers, cheddar cheese and Po’Boy sauce. Served on a steak roll- 9
     Chicken & Shrimp Po’Boy-
Diced chicken breast and shrimp sauteed in BBQ sauce. Served on a steak roll topped with Cheddar and Po’Boy sauce- 10
     Sauteed Spinach-
Spinach, grilled tomato, and roasted red peppers topped with Provolone cheese. Served on a steak roll- 8
     Cheese Steak-
Classic cheese steak, Chicken cheese steak, or Buffalo Chicken cheese steak. Fried onions are optional- 8
     Crawfish Po’Boy-
Crawfish and Andouille sauteed in BBQ sauce. Served on a steak roll topped with Cheddar and Po’Boy sauce- 10
     Veggie Po’Boy-
Sauteed broccoli, zucchini, squash, onions and peppers topped with Remoulade sauce and served on a steak roll. Cheese is optional- 8
     Chicken & Bacon Wrap-
Diced chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and ranch dressing rolled in a flour tortilla- 8
½ pound burger cooked to order. Served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and onion.  Your choice of potato salad, coleslaw, chips or fries. Tots for an additional $1
     Horseradish Burger-
Topped with jalapenos, red peppers, onion Mozzarella, and a creamy horseradish sauce- 9
     Black Bean Burger-
Vegetarian burger made with black beans, jalapenos, and spices. Cheese is
optional-  8
     Smokehouse Burger-
Loaded with BBQ sauce, Cheddar cheese and bacon- 9
     Black & Blue Burger-
Seasoned with a spicy Cajun spice and topped with crumbled blue cheese- 9
     Mojo Burger-
Burger stuffed with Mozzarella topped with smashed Cajun tots and bacon- 10
      Mushroom Swiss Burger-
Smothered with sliced sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese- 9
     Chili Burger-
Topped with our homemade Chili, Cheddar cheese and jalapeños- 9
     Mardi Gras Burger-
Topped with sauteed spinach, roasted red peppers, and Provolone cheese- 9
     Build Your Own Burger-
Top with any items or dressings you want!  8
   With cheese- $0.50  With Bacon- $0.75
—————-Soups & Salads—————
Salad Dressings: Creamy Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard
     Caesar Salad-
Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, Caesar dressing- 8
   Chicken- 10   Shrimp- 12
     Garden Salad-
Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions over Romaine lettuce. Served with your choice of dressing- 6
   Chicken- 8 Shrimp- 10
     Voodoo Chili-
Bowl of classic homemade Chili topped with Cheddar cheese- 5
Classic spicy Cajun stew made with chicken, Andouille sausage, onions, peppers, and celery- 5
Entrees served from 4pm-10pm
House Salad available for $2, Caesar side salad for $3
Chicken, crawfish, and Andouille sausage in a spicy Creole tomato sauce with onions, peppers, and celery- 14
      Vegetarian Jambalaya- 10
     Cajun Seafood Penne-
Shrimp and crawfish sauteed with onions, peppers, tomatoes, fresh herbs in a spicy Cajun white wine butter sauce. Served with garlic toast- 14
     Blackened Chicken Pasta-
Strips of lightly blackened chicken breast in a spicy Cajun Alfredo sauce over fettuccine. Topped with diced tomatoes and served with garlic toast- 12
      Garden District Linguini-
Onions, peppers, zucchini, squash and broccoli in a spicy Cajun butter sauce over linguini. Served with garlic toast- 10
     Mac & Cheese-
Homemade three cheese macaroni and cheese topped with potato chip crumbles and served with sauteed vegetables- 10
        Portobelo- 12, Andouille & Crawfish-14
        Chicken & Broccoli- 13
        Spinach & Roasted red peppers- 12
 Brunch Menu