The Last Valorians, Devolver, The Manson Family Jewels, The Minutians

The Last Valorians


The Manson Family Jewels

The Minutians

Fri, May 18, 2012

9:00 pm

Mojo Main

Newark, DE


The Last Valorians
The Last Valorians
In the spring of 2011, The Newark based, The Last Valorians officially formed and began writing music that combined Heavy influence with harmonic vocals. With various musical influences and personalities, each of the members brings a renewed energy to the hard rock scene and creates a true party atmosphere during their performances.

In a short amount of time, TLV has shared the stage with many of the area's best performers and has become one of the area's premier original hard rock acts. The band is quickly gaining the reputation of a must see live act! The band is celebrating their recent partnership with the US based Inner Light Agency for full artist development and representation. Keep an eye on the band and discover what others already know!!

Rob- Vocals
Chad- Drums
Jon- Guitar
Dustin- Bass
Colton- Guitar
Devolver is a five piece hard rock band who came together in 2010.

The band is made up of members who have all local, regional, and even national success, many before their 21st birthday.

In previous bands Devolver members have toured and shared the stage with Story of the Year, Avenged Sevenfold, The OffSpring, Disciple, and many other awesome bands.

In just a few short months the band has gained a lot of local press, appearing as a featured band in the 2010 Spark Summer Series, dedicated to up and coming bands from the area, and has also gotten their debut single, "SleepWalker" spins on 93.5 The Beach, and 93.7 WSTW.

The band has a loyal fan base of promoters, fans, and family who pack every show and give Devolver the reputation for crazy, sold out, live shows that leave a mark on all who attend.

The band is planning to hit up an area near you in the Summer of 2011 and beyond as we try and take the music and word of Devovler to a national level
Venue Information:
Mojo Main
270 E Main Street
Newark, DE, 19711